What’s happening this Saturday?

Only a few weeks out from the club’s first event we thought we should put you through your paces! We will be timing you over 400m and 200m. These times will provide a bench mark from which we can measure improvement and we will also use the times to determine your Critical Swim Speed (CSS) which we will use in future sessions to increase your speed endurance. Don’t be afraid because it doesn’t matter one bit how long you take but it will allow you to see how much you improve over the winter by getting out of bed and braving the cold to join us for a swim on Saturday morning!

We will be mixing in some drills so please bring your a pull buoy if you have one. No need for fins this week but if we have a little extra time at the end of the session you might like to use them to practise some of the drills we have introduced you to earlier in the year. We will be practising the Scull #1 drill. It is a great drill to help develop that all important effective catch. Some of you have found this drill a little difficult. A common problem is ‘dropping of the wrists’. Watch this video of Paul from Swim Smooth performing the drill correctly and then incorrectly with dropped wrists. See how much propulsion he can get (note he is not kicking) with just the small sculling action of the arms and hands. Look what happens when he drops his wrists… he goes backwards!

See you Saturday at seven. Tim (LFTC Coach)