What a year!

I was extremely happy and humbled to be awarded lifetime membership by LFTC at our AGM. I didn’t say a lot at the time (as Rohan predicted) but I thought I would put my thoughts and feelings onto the blog instead. It’s an introvert thing, we prefer to put things in writing rather than speak to a crowd! Firstly I would like to thank Chris Skinner for his massive contributing as chairman over the past four years. Without Chris I don’t think we would be where we are today.

The club was started by three of us: Chris, Guy Holbrow and me. A chance meeting meant that we were able to combine our differing skills and it wasn’t long before we had our first organised training session up and running. From our small beginnings we are now a well established club with the best looking kit and the loudest supporters! At this point I would like to thank Karl Grainger for joining us as the club’s second coach. Karl has been our head coach for the last year and does a fantastic job, a lot of which goes on behind the scenes.

2013 has been an amazing year for a number of reasons. Being awarded Hackney Sports Club of the Year is testament to this and is something we can all be very proud of. We achieved second place in the London League which is fantastic having finished fourth last year. My personal belief is that racing regularly in the London League, with team spirit we had and the success that it brought, was one of the reasons we had so many age group representatives at the ITU World Championship events and 70.3 World Championships. As part of LFTC you are surrounded by people who will help you achieve whatever it is that you want to get from being part of the club.

Since the club started I have seen my circle of friends grow significantly. For me this has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being involved in LFTC. Thanks to these people I have had experiences that without doubt would have never happened had it not been for LFTC. So thank you all very much, it has been a wonderful journey so far and I look forward to being part of the LFTC family for a lifetime.

See you at the end of year party! Tim (LFTC Coach)


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