Bike/run brick route

I had a request yesterday to put the Brick bike route up on line, so I’ve created a map in mapmytri.

I couldn’t get the notes working on mapmytri, so I’ve listed a few things here instead:

- Start at Thames Barrier Park, and head out East

- At the island, turn left up and over Conaught Bridge (check out the dock on the left hand side, this is the London Tri dock)

- At end of the road, turn right to go down onto Royal Albert Way and keep going

- The first set of traffic lights are here, along with rumble strips – keep to the left of the road to avoid the strips

- At the Gallions Reach roundabout there are 2 sets of traffic lights, keep the right hand lane on the approach so you can go straight across onto Armada Way

- There’s a set of traffic lights here, but approach slowly and they should turn to green by the time you get there

- Keep going until you see the big warehouses, at this island, turn around and head back along Armada Way, across Gallions Reach roundabout (more traffic lights) and along Royal Albert Way (traffic lights and Rumble Strips at 7k)

- Instead of going up the slipway, and turning left over Conaught Bridge, go under the roundabout (more rumble strips) to go into the Excel Centre

- At the island take 3rd exit, this will take you along the road that runs at the back of Excel

- Follow the road around until you get to traffic lights, bit of a pain here, but aim up to the A1011, Silvertown Way, and another set of lights

- Turn left and follow the road all the way back to Thames Barrier Park (2 sets of lights I think)

The route works out about 12k. Not the most light free route, but the route that I use to train and there are decent sections with no lights to let you get up a decent speed to try out those tri bars.

Usual bike rules for everyone though. This is an open road with traffic and rules of the road, so make sure your bike is roadworthy, you must wear a helmet and you must follow rules of the road.

One last point, if you’re a member of the British Triathlon Federation, you will have insurance not only for when you race, but also for when you’re out training should the worst happen.

Hopefully the route will make sense, but happy to answer any questions. Karl (LFTC Coach)