General Meeting of London Fields Triathlon Club at 1255 on 22 October 2017 Pub on the Park, 19 Martello Street, London E8 3PE


  1. Chairman’s welcome – Rory Natkiel, Chairman
  2. Club annual accounts for 2016/2017 – Becca Shepherd, Treasurer
  3. Update on Club camp 2018 – Amanda Wilmer
  4. Election of Club committee for 2017/2018
  5. AOB


  1. Chairman’s welcome – Rory Natkiel, Chairman

    1. It was noted that a quorum was present, and the minutes from the 2016 AGM were approved.
    2. 2016/2017 had been a successful year for the Club in terms of new joiners, representation at races (particularly at the Cotswold middle distance event and the North Norfolk Olympic distance races), together with podium finishes and a very good Club camp in Italy.
    3. The continued closure of the Lido has been disappointing, leading to the cancellation of both the October junior and senior aquathlons. The committee will write to Better (who operate the Lido) highlighting the Club’s dissatisfaction with the continued delay in the reopening and the affect this has had on the Club.
    4. For 2017/2018 the Club aims to focus on three key areas:
      1. Developing the coaching that is provided by the Club.
      2. Encouraging new members to the Club, and supporting beginner triathletes.
      3. Continue to grow the Club’s junior section.
    5. It was noted that in light of the Club’s focus for next year, and with a view to continuing to build on the success of this year, it is proposed that the committee be adjusted for 2017/2018 to ensure it operates efficiently and can act in the best interest of the Club’s members. The new committee structure is as set out in the AGM notice that was circulated previously. All positions on the committee are open for election at the AGM. Those Club members present at the AGM agreed unanimously to amend the Club’s constitution to reflect the new structure of the committee proposed at the meeting.
  2. Club annual accounts for 2016/2017 – Becca Shepherd, Treasurer

    1. A summary of the Club’s accounts was presented at the AGM.
    2. It was noted that the Club continues to have a healthy cash balance which enables it to be flexible, and ensures the Club will finish the year in a strong financial position.
    3. It is expected that the Club gift for 2016/2017 will be delivered in the next few weeks.
    4. In-line with the Club’s proposal to develop its coaching offering next year, it is anticipated that the value of the credits received by coaches will be increased. This is to reflect the contribution to the Club made by all the coaches.
    5. The fee for the use of West Reservoir has increased compared to previous years, with the result that although the Sunday morning reservoir swim sessions have been mostly sold out the Club made a modest loss. The committee will write to GLL (who operates West Reservoir) in relation to these charges with a view to negotiating the rates charged.
    6. It was acknowledged that the Club aquathlons provide a valuable source of revenue. However, following the continued closure of the Lido the Club agreed to refund the entry fees of all participants at its own cost as a gesture of goodwill. This triggered a loss for the Club. On the basis that the aquathlons run by the Club in 2018 sell out, the loss made refunding these costs should be recovered.
    7. It was reiterated that the Club is willing and able to fund transport costs for the Club to London League races. This funding hasn’t been used much this year, and the committee are keen that this is something the Club should help with.
  3. Update on Club camp 2018 – Amanda Wilmer

    1. A variety of options are being considered including (but not limited to) Gerona in northern Spain, Viva Blue Mallorca, Rimini in Italy and Cyprus. Details will be confirmed in the coming months.
    2. It was noted that each Club camp involves a significant amount of organisation, and whatever small contribution Club members can make is gratefully received.
  4. Election of Club committee for 2017/2018

    1. Thanks, was extended to all those on the committee, coaches and all members of the Club who have contributed to its success this year. Particularly to Nick Brackenbury, Dom Bloomfield and Kath Hibbert who are each standing down from the committee. The valuable contributions of both Marc Hibbins for all is work keeping the website in good shape and to Matt Osborne for organising the Club’s kit (including designing and sourcing) was also noted.
    2. Each member of the current Club committee provided a summary of their work this year.
    3. The following Club members were elected to the Club committee for 2017/2018.
      • Chairman – Rory Natkiel, elected
      • Secretary – Richard Gerrard, elected
      • Treasurer – Becca Shepherd, elected
      • Race coordinators – Kate Nunn, Jude Crichton, Ellie Wiseman and Richard Gerrard, elected
      • Junior Secretary – Amanda Wilmer, elected
      • Para-tri – Kate Nunn, elected
      • Beginners co-ordinator – Renée Lacroix & Francesco Mattia, elected
      • Cycling co-ordinators – Hugh Elphick & Sam Cunningham, elected
      • Events co-ordinators – Ollie Capel & Sylwia Tokarska, elected
      • Men’s captain – Matt Stevens, elected
      • Woman’s captain – Ellie Wiseman, elected
      • Comms Manager & Assistant – Cole Pugson & Helen Croydon, elected
      • Social secretary – Laura Beswick, elected
      • Head coach – Abby Boswell, elected
      • Coaching coordinator – Ash Roberts, elected
      • Welfare Officer – Catherine Smith, elected
  5. AOB

    1. It was acknowledged that Amanda puts an incredible amount of hard work into the Club and is a key reason for its continued growth and success, highlighted by the significant coaching hours she provides and her organisation each year of the amazing Club camp. This is particularly reflected in the growth of the junior section that she has built up, with the valuable support of Ash Roberts, Jude Crichton and Rob Popper. It was noted that the junior sessions are magnificent, achieve something quite special and have a hugely positive impact on the juniors who take part.
    2. There was support from those Club members present at the AGM for re-introducing spin classes in six weeks blocs. It was acknowledged that these sessions are time efficient way of training over the winter, as well valuable strength training. The coaching team and the committee agreed to look at the feasibility of these sessions.

There was no further business, and the meeting closed at 1407.