London Fields Triathlon Club AGM, October 23rd, 2016 — Meeting opened 17.00pm


  1. Welcome and intro
  2. Review & accept AGM Minutes for 2016
  3. Treasurer
  4. Members
  5. Social
  6. Kit
  7. Events
  8. Juniors
  9. Coaching
  10. Elections
  11. AOB


  1. Welcome and intro

  2. AGM Minutes for 2016

  3. Treasurer

    1. Budget review
  4. Members

    1. 583 subscribers out of which 184 are members.
    2. Move over to the new website has been successful with fewer members reporting problems with booking system. We’ve also managed to bring a similar number of our subscribers over into 2016
    3. Lots of churn, not sure why, to be investigated
  5. Kit

    1. Next kit order around December
    2. Design a new hoodie
    3. What to do with old kit? Bring to Xmas social and do super-cheap sale.
    4. Possibility of member kit swap
  6. Social

    10th December Xmas Party at Pub On The Park

  7. Events

    1. 2017 events sign up taking place at Xmas Party
    2. 10 of the 11 London league events are completed. Currently the Men’s team are in 5th and we are 4th in the Women’s, mixed and the Mob with just the Jekyll and Hyde Duathlon on the 30th Oct to go.Our women are also doing really well in the age groups — Judith currently has a massive lead in the F50–54 results! Donna Dewick is the leading female in the Paratriathlon! Also congrats to Ellie Wiseman who is 4th in the F25–29, Claire Tomlinson who is 3rd in the F30–34, Helen Croydon is 7th in F35–39 and Becky Hornsburg is 6th in F40–44Our men have also got some great results in the age groups. Lauri is currently 4th in M25–29, followed very closely by Nick who is in 5th. In the M30–34 both Rory and Ash are in the top 10 with 9th and 10th places. In the M50–54, David is currently in 9th place. Well done everyone!
    3. Review of ‘16 target races and plan for 2017 target races
    4. Club camp next year — currently working on options with Jude & Wei Currently thinking about not going to VIVA Blue, but could do a vote to see what people feel about not going back etc
  8. Juniors

    Review of amazing progress this year

  9. Coaching

    1. Congratulations to an awesome team this year led by Abby
    2. Recruitment of more coaches for 2017 (how to get involved)
    3. Training schedule for Winter 2016-17
      1. London Fields Lido set to close from end of November until end of March
      2. Alternative venue options: Olympic Park? Swim For Tri have started there – Abby and Rory to follow up
      3. Weekday 6:45am session may be viable as an alternative, but not preferred
      4. Session Ideas suggested: Time trials at the Velopark?
      5. Some interest to reinstate a Wattbike spin session
      6. Sunday 11am session – Update to video session? Time trials? Other ideas to boost attendance. Technique refresher?
  10. Elections

    1. Chairman — Rory Natkiel

    2. Club Secretary — Richard Gerrard

    3. Men’s Captain — Nick Brackenbury

    4. Women’s Captain — Ollie Capel

    5. Members Secretary — Joanna Ruck

    6. Communications Officers — Donna DeWick and Nicole Pugson

    7. Social Secretary — Laura Beswick

    8. Club Treasurer — Rebecca Shepherd

    9. Head Coach — Abigail Boswell

    10. Coaching Administrator — Wei-Ho Ng

    11. Events Coordinator — Helen Croydon

    12. Swim Coordinator — Donna DeWick

    13. Bike Coordinators — Hugh Elphick and Katharine Hibbert

    14. Run Coordinators — Sylwia Tokarska

    15. Duathlon Coordinator — Lauri Kytömaa

    16. Aquathlon Coordinators — Jude Crichton and Ellie Wiseman

    17. ParaTri Officer — Dominic Bloomfield

    18. Juniors Secretary — Amanda Wilmer

    19. Child Protection Officer — Abigail Boswell

    20. Kit Secretary — Matt Osborne

    21. Welfare Officer — Katharine Hibbert

    22. Volunteer Coordinator — Rohan Byles

Meeting closed